Louis Culture Links Bawo For New Single ‘7AM’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

18 Aug 2022

South London artist Louis Culture has returned with a new double A-side single, 7AM featuring Bawo, produced by YAMA//SATO and out via Different Recordings. 

7AM documents the daily struggles, the long hours and the hard and not so glamorous work that goes on behind the scenes. Now entering a new phase, Louis is creating art that reflects his journey so far, “7AM is the come up” he says. “There’s so many unseen things that go into being able to do this. Whether it’s me talking about the DIY booth we used to use in P-Rallel’s bedroom or Bawo talking about his days at Waitrose, which happened to be my first job too”.

One version of the track sees his words take centre stage backdropped by a sparse, piano led beat with the other pitched up and transformed into an uptempo exploration of electronic sounds. Although 7AM has two identities, there is just one message Louis has, “by the end of this year I just hope the listener knows that I too am on my own journey to being a better person / reaching my full potential no matter how my life may appear. We all got some shit to deal with.”