Louis Culture Releases Debut EP ‘When Life Presents Obstacle’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

29 Nov 2022

Rising artist Louis Culture has released his debut EP ‘When Life Presents Obstacle’ via Different Recordings alongside the new, reassuring single ‘Together’ ft. HALINA. 

‘Together’ is filled with warmth and brings the project to a comforting close as Louis brings vulnerability to his lyrics. As he speaks on the hardships that affect one’s everyday life, this relatable single shows a different side to Louis’ artistry. The sombre tones of HALINA’s voice in its chorus is reassuring and reaffirms the idea that everything will work itself out in the end. Speaking on how the single came together, Louis says: “Together is my ballad, I had to find the right words for this one, but also something strong enough to hold up to what Halina said. Her chorus is reassurance. It’s the “everything is going to be ok” you need to hear sometimes in life. If the project is full of chaos and highs and lows then ‘Together’ is the hug at the end and somebody checking you’re alright”.

Since his debut in 2016, Louis has been making a name for himself as he traverses through topics such as identity, relationships and making the most of what you’ve got. On his new autobiographical EP, When Life Presents Obstacle, each track is filled with versatility and flair,  finding the beauty in imperfections. “This EP fills in the blanks”, Louis comments on his latest project. “Everything I want to say is on there, everything I want you to know is on there. Love, grief, success, ends, depression, pain, being up, being skint, lust, motivation, adolescence, oblivion, perseverance and optimism. Hoping there’s at least one song that makes you feel less alone”. More than ever, Louis taps into his ability to storytell allowing listeners in on his journey thus far. The beauty lies in its relatability, authentically expressing his struggles as he transitions through his adolescence into adulthood, openly speaking on the grind of coming from a working-class background and trying to make ends meet as an independent artist. However, where there is Yin there is always Yang on this project and Louis does not shy away from experimentation, collaboration and having fun – a balancing act he has been able to perfect not only lyrically but in energy too. With redefined focus and newfound purpose, this project is set to harden his stance as a rising contender in the UK alternative rap scene.

Louis Culture is the compelling, genre-bending artist who has made his name known in London’s burgeoning underground scene through a number of releases. This includes 2016 debut single “Don’t F Up Louis”, 2017’s “Culture For 17” and 2018’s “Local,” each of which have garnered thousands of plays across all streaming platforms and support from the likes of Complex, TRENCH, NTS and more. His rise to attention has coincided with that of his crew, Elevation Meditation, containing p-rallel, Lord Apex, Finn Foxell, Ric Reefer and Xav. With his brothers in arms, Louis hosted a stage at Boiler Room’s first annual music festival in 2019, sold out their first headline show at London’s Lyric Theatre in 2017 and performed alongside Lord Apex at slowthai’s first London show in the same year which was then followed by the release of his debut EP Smile Soundsystem in May 2020. With an eclectic sound, thoughtful lyrics and a loyal squad behind him, Louis Culture is on the cusp of great things, for himself and for London’s music and culture scenes at large.