Loyle Carner returns with new single, Hate

Lauren Gordon

By Lauren Gordon

Lauren Gordon

6 Jul 2022

After the groundbreaking success of his second studio album, Not Waving But Drowning, Loyle returns with his most ambitious track to date, Hate.

The single and self-directed visuals, embody Loyle’s unfiltered anger, explaining it was one of the few songs that “came from a hateful place.”

Unlike anything in the charts, Loyle continues to use his music as an outlet for his darkest thoughts:

“It reminds me of times the red mist takes over, and how alone you feel when the rest mist passes. Arrogant and self-righteous but at the same time vulnerable and somber. I listen to this one in my car, at night. Especially after an argument when you need to get space and take a breath.”

Listen to the track here and watch the video above.