Luke RV’s LONG TERM PARKING video just dropped

Lauren Gordon

By Lauren Gordon

Lauren Gordon

29 Jun 2022

Since breaking onto the Alt Hip-Hop scene back in 2017, Welsh rapper, singer and songwriter Luke RV has been focused on fulfilling his purpose as a musician.

Today, Luke reveals the music video for his latest single, LONG TERM PARKING, after posting a teaser to his Instagram account.

The video perfectly matches the ongoing internal battle Luke mentions in his lyrics, stating that: “The video portrays the feeling of going through the motions, it represents these lingering thoughts.”

Despite finding isolation in bridging the gap between Wales and London, Luke effortlessly exercises his meditative voice and introspective lyricism on LONG TERM PARKING, solidifying his relevance in the UK music scene.

Watch the LONG TERM PARKING video above and stream the single here.