M Huncho Puts Pain To Paper In New Deep-Felt “The Worst” Visuals

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

25 Mar 2022

One of the few long-running artists remaining faceless, M Huncho’s execution to delivering a genuine representation of himself through music continues. The authenticity carried in M Huncho’s artistry is what we have loved since ’48 Hours’ up until ‘Huncholini The 1st’, constantly creating music with substance and meaning as opposed to a under-worked release for a quick chart number or views. In the lead up to Huncho’s long awaited debut album ‘Chasing Euphoria’, he offers new track “The Worst”, providing audiences with a taste of what the album may entail.

Not only is Huncho progressing as an artist but on this new track, its been self-proclaimed by the man himself to have co-produced it alongside the extremely talented QuincyTell’Em. Accompanying the smooth pain deep lyrical wordplay with a soothing, head-bopping production Huncho flows effortlessly with his highly distinctive cadence.

Directed by TeeezyC alongside creative direction and visual production by Odyssey, the visuals bring back a huge sense of familiarity and relatability to M Huncho’s lyrics!

Tap in to M Huncho “The Worst” above!