M24 Steps Up The Plate For His Second Fire In The Booth

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

12 Jan 2024

Stepping up to the plate for the first Fire In The Booth of 2024, Charlie Sloth has called in M24 to the studio for his second session.

Taking on a three part freestyle, M24 steers away from the typical drill productions and instead offers more introspective lyricism over more alternative productions.

Talking about the freestyle, M24 says “Some real heartfelt shit, I’ve been going through a lot lately, I just put it on a beat sometimes you know.”

Charlie Sloth comments, “I see you, my guy! I like when you see artists evolve and grow in front of your eyes. The music is growing with you. It’s important, man! I see evolution!”

Watch the visuals for M24’s Fire In The Booth above :