Macca Wiles Drops Exclusive Jam Ahead Of New Visuals And Official Single


By a.k.e


29 Mar 2016

Dripping with personality and a flow likened to “A British Gucci Mane” by Pigeons And Planes, Macca Wiles is an 18 year old artist already embraced by the US Trap scene. Not overly interested in influences and comparisons, Macca describes his sound as “Bipolar – My music changes your mood depending on what song it is… I take UK slang and put it over American trap beats.”

Now, making waves back in his homeland Macca has already supported Korean hip hop giants Okasian and B Free and more recently was on the bill supporting OG Maco as part of his #TheLordofRage London tour, a show which included a guest appearance from Skepta.

‘Just Might’ sees Macca in more of a chilled mood as his lazy delivery and lyrical content points to a very late night session, literally in his bedroom studio. He’s just shot a video for his first official single release ‘Triple Double’ plus some other visuals and tracks ready to drop on his Soundcloud.

From an early age Macca always felt the urge to swim away from the tide. At 13 he took his first steps into the scene by free styling over beats in his bedroom and whilst his contemporaries followed along the upwards curve of grime, a young Macca immersed himself in the growing trap scene and rap culture honing his kills on the mic and with a pen. 5 years on and now residing in London, we find a fiercely independent self sufficient artist who with the help of his 15k Instagram followers and previous tracks such as ‘Mr Finesser’ and ‘Bottom Of My Cup’ has quickly made a name for himself amongst trap fans and tastemakers in the states particularity in Atlanta, New York and North Carolina.

In a recent interview with GRM Daily he describes his first trip to America: “Before I went to the US, I got into some sticky situations in London. I literally had $2000 in my pocket and booked a flight to America for the next day… A night in New York rough trade was a night to remember when my homie Well$ went Krazy and there was loads of us on stage going nuts which even ended up XXL tweeted a video of it… I travelled many different states and shut shit down. There wasn’t a mall I went to where someone didn’t come up to me and ask for a picture.”

Joe Philip, Covered