Madi Saskia United With Pheleba For Tranquil New Single ‘Until’

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

20 Jan 2021

Birmingham hailing singers, Madi Saskia and Pheleba, have connected on smooth their new single, Until. 

Until delivers a soothing take on transitioning out of love. As well as the feelings of enlightenment and liberty that follow releasing ones self from the shackles of an undeserving lover. Both singers voices sound tranquil and buttery, while channeling a sense of strength simultaneously. Beneath their vocals lay a smooth production which weaves infections guitar grooves, dreamy synth swirls and an rhythmic drum-line, laced with hi-hats and snares. 

Creating a serene ambience, that wouldn’t go amiss while enjoying a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine in hand…

Enjoy the audio for Until below and on Apple Music!