Manchester’s Pip Millett Drops Highly Awaited EP “Lost In June”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

10 Apr 2020

Pip Millett, the rising songstress from Manchester has just dropped her highly anticipated EP entitled Lost In June.

Consisting of 8 tracks, Pip takes us a journey of emotions with her rich and soulful tone intertwined with the use of her captivating lyrics. Featuring pre-released tracks Deeper Dark, Ava and June, Lost In June is exactly what her supporters have been eagerly waiting for.

Kick starting the project with pre-released single Deeper Dark we hear Pip’s mum open the EP up with an endearing voice note touching on her past “Your dad was my first real boyfriend, I saw people”. Reflecting on life before she got into a relationship, this track juggles her thoughts between wanting to keep her independence alongside the fear of not wanting to feel dependant on someone. Transitioning into Like It Like That, Pip plays her own hype man “There’s not many people with a smile like this one, you’d think I won prize for these big eyes and those dimples on my cheeks and my back just above my ass, I like it like that, I like like like me like this”, empowering herself as a young woman this track acts as an anthem enriched with self-love. With pre-released tracks such as Ava, an emotional ride through mental health and fear Pip changes up the tempo on June and Heavenly Mother where she’s seen flowing over dreamy and melodic upbeat backdrops layered with crisp yet delicate harmonies and infectious hooks.

Lost In June enhances all of Pip’s best artistry assets, proving her versatility, wordsmith and cementing her name as one of the most exciting rising R&B stars in the UK.

Listen to Lost In June below and on Apple Music here.