Marachè unveils brand new single ‘Still Young’

Shelby Briggs

By Shelby Briggs

Shelby Briggs

28 Aug 2023

Produced by Jampz the Producer, ‘Still Young’ is a heartfelt single which fuses R&B & Lo-fi elements. Marachè’s distinct vocals are highlighted on this track as her melodic, soft and harmonious voice makes gives this track the replay factor.

‘Still Young’ reflects on the limbo of being in your 20’s, from breezy & carefree adolescence to the quick responsibilities of adulthood. Marachè uses her storytelling ability to capture the change of innocence to maturity. As everyone can relate to this, combined with her harmonious vocals this song has definitely made Marachè one to watch this year.

Marachè’s sound is refreshing & authentic, making her a strong pioneer for the future of UK R&B. Which contrasts strongly against the current state of music as she provides a new sound – her blend of R&B and afrobeats make her sound perfect for summer.

Listen to ‘Still Young’ here!