Meet Leicester’s Fearless Newcomer: Queen Millz

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

10 Dec 2021

Over the last few years more cities across the nation have been piercing through the music scene, more specifically British Rap, with a flurry of unquestionable talent; many notable budding rappers have been putting their ends on the map and pushing the capital aside. One of the emcee’s flying the flag for Leicester is Queen Millz, a fearless, strong, and versatile artist who has caught the eyes of many across the nation.

Bursting onto the scene back in 2017, Millz hung up her dancing shoes for the booth and has since performed alongside the likes of JME, Shorty and more. Boasting her verstaility over a string of notable tracks including ‘Pretty’, ‘On Sight’ alongside SBK, to her more recent drop ‘MiLL$’, her female prowess, unapologetic delivery, and candid bars set her apart from others in the scene.

Mixtape Madness got the chance to catch up with Queen Millz for a quick chat about her journey thus far, her latest single, being a female emcee in the music , industry, her proudest achievement so far, and more! Tap in below to see what Queen Millz had to say!

Let’s take it back to the beginning! Talk me through your upbringing in Leicester and how you were introduced to music?

From a very early age my parents have influenced my music taste. They were old school jungle ravers, and my dad is Jamaican so he would also play reggae, hiphop & rap, and my mum would play things like Chris Brown, Mary J Blige and more soulful R&B. I was always gifted in writing lyrics, but I was bad at school, so when I was grounded my dad used to make me write songs about how I’d messed up but how I’ll fix it and how I want to be perceived. Then they introduced me to a poetry workshop in my summer holidays and and from there I found my love for performing on stage.

Are there any artists in particular that have helped shape your sound over the years?

Chris Brown, Chip, Trippie Redd, Lauryn Hill and Doja Cat!

I believe that you started dancing before music! What made you want to switch lanes?

Yeah! So my dad used to be a body popper/dancer so I’ve always danced before writing lyrics. I went to a dance college, and loved it, but worked out that my love was more for performing. The dance industry was a bit too competitive and too many people were spreading rumours. I wanted to just interpret the dance into my performance, I didn’t want to be a back up dancer, so I went to music uni!

At what point did you decide to take your career to the next level? 

During music uni I met my manager and started to come to London and work with people of quite a big stature. I learnt a lot more in a few months working with my manager than I learnt in nearly a year and a half at uni, so I dropped out to do music full time. 

I read in your bio that you changed your name from Lil Millz to Queen Millz at some point in your career, talk me through your reasoning behind this? 

When I first started writing or crafting my music I was about 10 years old. I was little, cute, inspired by New Boyz and Justin Bieber. I would sing whilst playing my acoustic guitar. But when I got to college and started to get heavily into the grime scene I thought, I wasn’t likkle anymore…I was a queen, and the only girl to touch mic and get multiple reloads! Queen Millz was born.

How would you go about describing your sound? You cover a variety of sounds! 

I’d describe it as versatile, but a soulful trappy vibe. 

Coming up in Leicester, was there ever a point you ever felt at a disadvantage due to London being the main hub for it? 

I always saw living outside of London as an advantage, but I saw it as a challenge also. I thought if I make enough noise I’m going to draw more attention when I get noticed in London.

You recently shared your latest single ‘MILL$’ which to me, had a completely rejuvenated feel to it! How did this single come about? What inspired it? 

I wanted to make a thing about talking about myself in this song. I wanted to show people that I’m a real “take it or leave it” kinda chick. I’m real and I’m raw and as soon as I heard the beat I sprung straight into action and got it all out. When I sent it to my manager his response was “why are you such a villain”.

What’s been one of your proudest moments in your career so far?

I recently performed on stage with JME, Shorty and most of BBK at the Bristol Eskimo Dance. I was mind-blown! Very proud moment for real. 

How has your experience been as a woman in a male-dominated industry? Have you ever felt the need to conform to societies “wants” for women in the industry?

I’m a very dominant woman not gonna lie, I haven’t actually personally been treated any different by men than women, but I suppose it might have been a bit harder for me to get the recognition, and the trolls have a field day because I’m a female with bars. But I honestly do not care what people think if it’s negative.

What are your thoughts on the UK scene as it stands? 

I love the UK scene at the moment, there are a lot of artists making it over to the US and that’s what I would like to be able to do.

Putting the music aside, what do you like doing for fun or in your spare time? What makes you happy? 

I love to spend time with my friends & family and love to go out to eat. I’m a proper foodie so I like to find new spots and try different things. I also love to cook and bake cakes.

What’s something in your playlist that supporters wouldn’t necessarily expect to hear… 

SHY FX – Feelings (listen you won’t be disappointed)

Is there anything we can expect to hear from you next year? Any projects on the way? 

Oh we’re only just getting started! We’ve got sooo much more new music, keep locked in!

Stay up to date with Queen Millz via her Instagram here. Listen to her latest track “Hear Me Out” below.