Meet London’s Best Kept Secret: A2

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

13 Aug 2019

A2, predominantly one of the UK’s biggest secrets. Resurfacing from time to time, unleashing a brand new creation to give to his listeners, he keeps the social media side of things minimal. With what’s been described as a a ‘cult’ like and tightly locked fanbase, his supporters have been watching A2 grow from strength to strength over the years throughout his musical journey. After leaving his deal with a label, A2 is now independent and this is officially his first release as an independent artist. Probably the most underrated artist in the game, he has a song that’ll suit your every mood. Known for dropping down-tempo, almost moody and dark felt tracks, this project we see A2 switch it up from the mellow sound for something more up-beat. 

The highly anticipated project All Spill, has finally arrived. Consisting of 11 tracks with 2 features from both Dotty and JJ, which in turn compliment A2’s sound perfectly – coming together to deliver nothing but vibes. The project took 6 months to complete and was mixed and mastered by A2 himself. All Spill definitely shows a more vulnerable side to A2. From the title of the project it’s evident that A2 has a lot off of his chest. In particualr with the track entitled Clearly, we hear A2 in touch with his feels from past situations. Not to mention the lead single released prior to All Spill, Smoked Out. Setting the tone for the project, the hard track, absorbing bars and posing flow alongside the wavey visuals sets the energy for the rest of the project. Two personal favourite’s of mine are Don’t Run and Pourin’, where we see A2 prove not only his versatility but also the ability to produce catchy melodic flows over the bass heavy beats. It is clear A2 has definitely perfected his sound over the years, through the crisp layers of production because he’s even dropped a sound pack filled with loops and samples. 

I got the chance to talk to A2 earlier this week and ask him a few questions…

E: When did you first start getting into music? Who and what inspired you?

A2: I was young maybe 10 I used to mess around on the keyboard and write lyrics. I was just inspired by life and learning.

E: Did growing up where you did effect the influence within your music?

A2: Not really, I’ve lived in a few places so it’s just life influencing me everyday and the joys and stresses that it brings.

E: What’s your creative process like? What’s usually the first thing you have down?

A2: The beat, or maybe some lines that I thought about. I generally just do what I feel with no structure so it’s hard to explain how it works but I’m always happy with the end product! 

E: Lyrically, do you write about what you experience or is it more generalised around what you see / hear? Or maybe both?

A2: Mostly what I’ve experienced in life over the years. I just flick and channel into that moment and emotion and let it all flow out. 

E: How does All Spill differ from other projects you have released?

A2: All Spill is just vibes. Nothing precise or complex just literally easy listening vibes. It’s my first Independent release so that counts!

E: Why did you chose to release Smoked Out as the lead single from All Spill?

A2: It set the tone for the project. I didn’t want it to be another mellow, down tempo project so Smoked Out lets everyone know the energy! 

E: If you could pick one track from All Spill as your favourite track what would it be and why?

A2: Clearly, it’s like my confessions on the project I’m just getting things off of my chest about past situations. But that song it not as simple, it’s sarcasm and honesty mixed up in one song.

E: You are probably one of the most lowkey/mysterious artists in the game. Popping up to drop new music – Is there a particular reason as to why you are lowkey or is it because you are solely based on the Music and not what comes with it?

A2: I just live life simply man. Im not with the hype or moving like a superhero. I just want to drop good music and live comfy. Sometimes this thing can seem like a circus and it gets mad! Ego’s, bandwagons etc. It’s energies I’m not trying to mix with.

E: You have 2 features on the project – JJ and Dotty. How did these come about?

A2: Those are my G’s! So it’s straight forward, I rate these guys highly. I shouted them because I only like working with people I respect and rate.

E: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and who was it from?

A2: Find God and yourself and you’ll never have to find anything else in life. My mentor gave me that one there, it’s stayed me since. 

E: What advice would you give to an up and coming artist?

A2: Find your craft and work on it ‘till you perfect it. Build on your criticisms, it makes you better! 

E: Who have you been listening to recently?

A2: Lots of R&B recently especially older songs. I’ve been playing Brandy, Monica, 702, Missy Elliot and Daniel Caesar’s new project on rotation. Music is a bit numb right now.

E: What more can we expect this year? Any shows that we can look out for?

A2: We have got live shows around the world to spread the sound and it’s them them Vs us take take over. Definitely another headline show and some parties!

Listen to All Spill below and here on Apple Music.