Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

18 Dec 2019

Pre-order Jeremiah’s ‘Dreaming in a Nightmare’ now!

“It’s like black culture almost becomes music, acting, sports and just kind of celebrity and whatever. I was like, Yo, there’s theatre, there’s literature, books, there’s ballet.” — Stormzy told TIME magazine in October. Merky Books offers publishing to a new generation of voices, particularly voices like Jeremiah Emanuel BEM.

He’s a youth activist and all-around entrepreneur, but his need to send a message has now made him an author! In his memoir, out in May, he explores a narrative that is all too familiar to youths from lower-class backgrounds. Dreaming in a Nightmare describes his first-hand experience with poverty, youth violence and our criminal justice system. These matters can be bleak, but Jeremiah maintains a positive energy and encourages youth to look beyond their environments.

He told the Guardian, “Once when I was about eight, I stayed on the 345 bus from Brixton to South Kensington. By the time you got to Chelsea…there was no litter on the ground. There’s a chapter called ‘345’ about that.


Dreaming in a Nightmare is available for pre-order. Cop it.