Mike GLC speaks on camera for the first time following Tulisa drug scandal


By Georgina


4 Jun 2013

Rapper Mike GLC has broken his silence following the Tulisa drug scandal which emerged this weekend.

Mike, who confirms that he was arrested earlier today and is now on bail, asserts that Tulisa’s statements regarding certain “white sweets” she provided to an undercover journalist were “taken out of context”. He claims that he has not seen her following her arrest, and that the whole thing is a set up, but says that he doesn’t want to enter into “too much detail” about how this might have come about.

He is seen stating that he is innocent, and that “the truth will come out in the end”.

Let’s see how this pans out with the media, and indeed the law.

A lawyer, or at least a PR, would have probably come in useful for the rapper at this moment in time, as he is largely overshadowed by the crowd of paparazzi and journalists, and made some rather bold statements, which may now be used by the prosecution in court.

Check out the video for yourself and while you’re at it, you may as well download Mike GLC’s mixtape!

[youtube id=”BsyMTzHxGRY” width=”600″ height=”350″]