Mixtape Madness & Finesse Foreva Are Going Head-To-Head For The OFB vs 410 #Drill8vs8 Clash!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

19 May 2020

The Drill clash the public have been waiting for! Mixtape Madness are going head to head with Finesse Foreva for a highly anticipated OFB vs 410 #Drill8vs8 clash!

Hows it going to work?

Mixtape Madness (OFB) and Finesse Foreva (410) have two DJ’s that will represent each side – reppin’ Mixtape Madness is GBE and reppin’
Finesse Foreva is Mr Reload It. Both of these DJ’s have picked the 8 songs that they think represent both OFB and 410 the best.
We have two judges, both Prod By Walkz and LeeToTheVi who will vote after each round. The general public will vote after each round via Finesse Foreva’s twitter poll. If there’s a split vote from both Mr Reload It and Prod By Walkz at the end of each round, the deciding vote will go to general public on twitter!

Tune in tomorrow night (20th) on Mixtape Madness’s YouTube Channel from 8pm to witness greatness!

Who do you think will win? Let us know!