By Georgina


11 Jun 2013

The second instalment in the More Money More Pagans series from Hackney-based rapper J Spades hit the mixtape scene this weekend, and we did not anticipate such a huge reaction from fans. Within its first 24 hours, the mixtape racked up over 10,000 downloads on Mixtape Madness, and the online community were going mad for it – artists and fans alike.

With a wide selection of features ranging from Spades’ East London contingents such as Margs, and some others from other parts of the city like Chip and Joe Black, the tape has a range of sounds, and will appeal to all kinds of people. We are presented with road-orientated tracks such as Pagans (featuring Margs), the club tunes like Wavey (featuring south-London MC Youngs Teflon) and female-friendly tracks including Hot Gyal (featuring Abel Miller).

Pretty much every track is a winner for me, so I’ve picked a handful of my stand-outs. Let’s go…

TRACK 2: Sidemans

The smooth, soulful 80s backing track of Sidemans is complemented by J’s cool, composed rapping about the lavish lifestyle he’s now repping thanks to his success with previous releases including More Money More Pagans (the first instalment). Spades speaks of leaving his previous lifestyle behind; “I’m doing music and its working, I’m gone; even though I’m missing crime like it’s my girlfriend”. He speaks on the ‘sidemans’ he has left behind and his fake fans: “Now you got these pagan dons actin like they ratin man; see you in the dance now they quick to shake your hand…wait for you to flop so they can try to take your fans”.

TRACK 7: TGIF ft. Sway & Cashtastic

Probably the most ‘commercial’ track on the tape is the much-needed “thank God it’s the weekend let’s go and get faded” party track we all know and love. North-London MC Sway’s verse stands out, as he attacks the beat with his famously quick flow and humorous delivery. The hook is pretty poppy, but not cheesy – because can we really imagine Spades doing cheese?! Either way it’s a catchy track and it’ll be being pumped through the speakers at many raves and house parties this summer.

TRACK 11: Informer ft. Joe Black

One of the road tracks on the mixtape is Informer, and Spades speaks on “snitches getting out of hand” and the more gritty side of his lifestyle including issues with crime and police. The production is my personal favourite on this track out of the entire listing.

TRACK 13: 300 ft. Waka Flocka

The influence of Atlanta-based rapper Waka Flocka is apparent on 300, where some of Spades’ releast bars on the tape are spat over a Southern trap-style beat. Surprisingly, the rappers actually complement each other’s styles well despite being from different sides of the globe. Spades again makes it clear that he’s independent and does not require endorsement from mainstream media outlets: “Radio – they don’t play my songs but I ain’t feelin what they’re playin; call em up tell em ‘play my ting’ but they ain’t hearing what the streets’ sayin”.

TRACK 19: Dope Boy

The closing track on the mixtape is a thank-you to Spades’ fans and supporters worldwide who helped him reach the status he’s at now. “All I think about is this paper, everyday when I wake up” – it’s an apt closure to a sick mixtape.

A brilliant range of tracks to appeal to UK hip hop fans all over the country, and hopefully worldwide, More Money More Pagans 2 is the must-have download of summer 2013.

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