MMMP guide to not being a Romeo

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

2 Sep 2012

More Money More Pagans as gained critical acclaim across the country. But real talk, this mixtape is deeper than rap.

The acronym king J Spades, who featured on S.P.O.R.T.S (Stay Poor Or Run The Streets) and brought you M.O.E.T (Money On English Territory) and MMMP 2 soon land and hopefully one day J Spades will release H.A.C.K.N.E.Y? But one of the key differences on MMMP from the talented E8 lyricist is that MMMP schools young chaps in how not to get taken for a Romeo (a mug).

I mean MMMP means More Money More Pagans to me but for guys that have been boppsed (hustled out of money by women), MMMP really stands for More Money More Pigeons. This mixtape is as valuable to these boppsed victims as Will’s chicktionary to Charlton


“So you linking Julie, she aint on it though. You aint f***ed Juliet you must be Romeo”

There two lessons for the price of one. Lesson one, is that one must learn to cut there loses but lesson two you must know how to differentiate between a potential wife and a potential one night. Of course one man’s medicine is another man’s poison but if a young lady is promiscuous and you have invested time, energy and money but she is giving you the virgin Mary speech, then in theory cut your loses mate, she is mugging you. Similar to this Theo chap in fact (please play from 3 minutes onwards):


“You call that chick 5 times and she aint called you back”

Lesson here is have some self respect and don’t beg it. Real talk she has seen your missed call. Don’t be a BPB, if your over 18 DM me and I will explain the meaning.


“..soon as we spot you and you’re wifey, you get scooped in the back of the van like ice cream. You ask questions like babes did I scream?”

Lesson here is simple don’t be quick to wifey a woman without knowing if you can fully trust her. I’m not saying most women are step up chicks but don’t be quick to wifey a woman based on her looks because the ramifications could be disastrous.


“You aint a real boy like Pinnochio..” << Be a man, have dignity be real to yourself. Don't lie to get in a woman's knickers, don't lie about the women you have spelt with, come on that is childish, fix up. LESSON 5

“So when you’re broke on the strip looking like whose that chick. She is looking back at you like whose that prick. Then you hustle hard, hit the trap and move that brick. Now she wants your number now you’re like whose that chick”

Motivation, nothing beats hater more than success. A few by products of success include money, women finding you more attractive because real talk women are attracted to success. “Hustle hard” translates to me as “Don’t work hard, work smart, work efficiently and don’t stop to you reach that goal”. “Brick” translate as your tool towards success i.e. your knowledge, calculator, footie boots, studio or idea. Don’t chase women, let women chase you. You don’t need looks to do this:


“If I ever made a millie, half a millie affa blow”

Straight you can’t die with your money. No one likes a Scrooge, why make money if you can’t spend it. But he’s not promoting the YOLO ethos because he clearly said HALF!!!

Kruddy Krud

Until MMMP 2 lands, make you check out MMMP via Mixtape Madness!!

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