MoStack and MIST Reconnect For Highly Awaited New Collab “Frankenstein”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

25 Sep 2021

In celebration of his new mixtape ‘High Street Kid 2’, MoStack taps MIST for visuals to track 7 “Frankenstein”.

Previously seen together on “Screw&Brew”, “Fisherman” and “Uber”, MoStack and MIST are an undeniable duo. Two artists called every summer to contribute their feel-good sounds to the UK music scene. Once again they come through on a brand new single, implementing a catchy hook alongside cheeky, witty wordplay – MoStack and MIST go back to back on a chilling rap production by Rxwntree and Steel Banglez.

Flowing continuously for a minimal period of 2 minutes 38 seconds, in this time they both manage to showcase their evident musical capabilities in which audiences admire. An abundance of melodic flows and elements of rap throughout – “Frankenstein” effortlessly takes to ear as an enjoyable listen.

Tap in to the visuals for MoStack “Frankenstein” featuring MIST above!