Ms BANKS: the Come Up & the Climb

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

25 Feb 2019

“Ms Banks, hotter than your payroll…”

It’s an exciting time for the female scene. Not too long ago, there were many conversations surrounding the lack of prominent female voices in the UK music scene. Still, regardless of the climate, Ms Banks pursued her rap career relentlessly and continues to.

The come up:

In 2014, she appeared on Charlie Sloth’s then Fire in the Streets series. Now, we may be accustomed to her pretty or upbeat persona but this was raw Banks. She’s seen spitting over the legendary, If I Ruled the World (Nas ft Lauryn Hill), beat as she expresses her need to hustle and her desire to elevate. Two years later, the female MC made another appearance on Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth series. Many can attest that this was their first introduction to her.

The MC proved that she had mad skill and mixed lyricism with substance. Since then, we’ve watched her grind hard! In 2017, she supported Cardi B’s UK tour. The year after that, she released her mixtape titled, The Coldest Winter Ever, with bangers like ‘Clap’, ‘Chat 2 Mi Gyal’ and ‘Day Ones’. Her work ethic is evident and speaks for itself.

The climb:

The female rapper, real name Thyra, is amongst the very few artists that have earned the rap giant, Nicki Minaj’s, co-sign. Dialogues between the two artists on the internet hinted at a possible song feature and an invitation to join Minaj’s tour. That is a major move and we aren’t celebrating her enough for it.

What we can all admire most about Ms Banks is her go-getter attitude and her ability to show support to other female artists. We’ve also known her to always rise up to the occasion of frequently being the only female feature on a rap tune. She’s definitely holding it down for the women in the game, so much so, Little Mix gave Banks a personal invitation to feature on their hit, Woman Like Me, and to perform alongside them in their BRIT Awards performance.

Watch the UK star as she kills the stage at the BRITs!

The star from South East London, truly is laughing all the way to the BANK as she has a game-changing year ahead of her. Stream her latest single Hood B*tch here: