My Dyslexia Story

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

21 Aug 2016

Thanks Andy Ayim for this article. As dyslexia affects so many of us in the ends but its rarely addressed or diagnosed till later in life, if at all.

Denis Asamoah (@MrWorkSmarter) has been a great friend of mine for almost a decade and is someone I’ve grown to know very well. Across the course of the last 12 months however, I’ve been engaging with him to help him really reflect on and craft his unique story. This is a guy who grew up achieving two G.C.S.E’s, rejected an internship at Citi to work for Tesco because he didn’t know the brand and despite facing adversity and challenges has managed to have a credible career in the city as well as start some cool brands himself.

He didn’t allow Dyslexia to be his crutch, he took the first step in accepting he has Dyslexia by letting his employers know (courageous right!) and over the years he has amassed different tools and techniques to help manage and succeed in the work environment despite suffering from Dyslexia. His mission is to empower people with Dyslexia to embrace it and manage it so they can thrive in work and feel comfortable in that environment.

Please do check out his site and subscribe if it resonates:http://mrworksmarter.com

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