Next Up? Strandz

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

23 Aug 2022

The next installment of our ‘Next Up’ series on Mixtape Madness comes from that of South London’s Strandz. Making his breakthrough in 2020, the rapper has set pace this year, with recent releases ‘Don’t Let Them See You Cry’ and ‘4 THE MONEY’ accumulating more than 300,000 streams on Spotify alone. Now, the rapper has come through to shell an emotive and meaningful ‘Next Up’.

Showcasing his unique and distinguishable flow, the South Londoner provides immaculate delivery amongst meaningful bars and deft lyricism. With an emotive sample underlaying amongst a crisp snare and heavy kick, Strandz posseses a refreshing tone and approach to his music – using inspiration from his exhilirating upbringing and life to impact the UK Scene.

We had a brief chat with Strandz about his ‘Next Up?’ – the below allows us an insight into the South Londoner’s drive.

Describe your Next Up in one sentence…

A piece about the past and how it has shaped me into who I am today.

What’s the meaning and purpose behind Fully Lidge?

Fully Lidge is a movement, breaking the stigma around being legit and inspiring the youth to be more than who they want us to be. The face of being legit right now might be a person in a suit working a boring office job, I’m trying to change that – I want being ‘Fully Lidge’ to be a title people claim with pride.

How did you get into music and what/who inspires your sound?

Music has always been special to me, I started rapping at 14 and what started as a hobby took over my life. My sound is inspired by what I used to hear at home when I was growing up, a lot of late 90s New York Hip-hop but also RnB, Afrobeat’s, Reggae and Country. This variety of influences has really helped me better understand music and cultivate a more refreshing sound.

Who do you make music for?

The main person I make music for is myself, it always feels exciting when I manage to create that idea in my head which I simply can’t hear anywhere else. The message behind the lyrics also helps me introspect and feels very personal at times, I know that if I can relate in this
way there are bound to be others who feel the same. Overall, it’s been humbling to see how different people are interpreting and understanding the sound so well, it almost feels like a big family that are drawn together by the idea of being ‘Fully Lidge’.

What’s next for you?

Of course, more heat, collaborations that really make sense, pushing the sound I’ve developed further – as well as things I’m involved with outside of music.

Strandz is definitely one to keep an eye on – if you don’t know, get to know!

Watch the visuals for Strandz ‘Next Up?’ above :

Interview : Hiba Hassan

Words: Harvey Marwood