Nia Archives Confronts The Loneliness Of Life On Tour In New Single “Crowded Roomz”

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

19 Jan 2024

Providing a more introspective banger as opposed to her regular charged up jungle infused tracks, Nia Archives has come through to share visuals for her brand new track ‘Crowded Roomz’.

Written after a festival last summer and delving into the feelings and emotions on tour, the track vocalises the feeling of constantly being surround by people but not those in which she can be herself around. With Nia’s typical jungle drum’s but with cutting guitar lines infused with it, she openly lyricists themes of social anxiety and loneliness so delicately.

“To celebrate the release, she shares an incredible video directed by Nicolee Tsin which reflects this sentiment in a timeless and iconic one take, tracking Nia through endless roomz whilst lives unfold around her. From the studio, to her mates house, to the tube, to the rave, the video is a smorgasbord of intrinsically UK cultural touch points and Nia’s friends with cameos from Maverick Sabre, Corbin Shaw, Intranet Girl and others”.

Watch the visuals for ‘Crowded Roomz’ above :