Nia Archives Shares Her Debut Album “Silence Is Loud”

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

12 Apr 2024

One of the leading names in the music industry today and with a cult following that have backed her every move, Nia Archives, the unstoppable Bradford-born, Leeds raised new-gen junglist has unveiled her debut new album, “Silence Is Loud”.

Coming in the form of a freeing 13 track project, Nia Archives has proved her capability to make music beyond the rave. To celebrate the release, she has also shared visuals for “Cards On The Table, which she describes as “a song about having a crush” and having the freedom to have an innocent romance and act her age, not alwasy thinking about work.

Intent that the debut album is taken in as a full body of work, something “more song-focusses, putting interesting sounds on jungle”, the project includes some of her latest hits as well as 6 brand new unheard tracks.

“This is a record which finds gloomy Britpop, warm Motown, soaring indie, skittering IDM, Madchester, classic rock, old skool hardcore and more, woven and fused into her ragga and junglist tapestry; all layered with feeling, imbued with her songwriterly lyricism about relationships, loneliness, family, navigating her 20s, and the intense potential power of silence”