Nia Archives Shares Lyrical Letter To Herself In Brand New Single ‘Unfinished Business’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

15 Mar 2024

Following her second record-breaking Boiler Room hosted by Charity Shop Sue to celebrate International Women’s Day with an all-women, trans and non-binary crowd event, Nia Archives has come through today to share brand new single ‘Unfinished Business’.

A light and airy lyrical letter to herself about a situationship, Nia’s latest track marks the third single from the forthcoming debut album Silence Is Loud, joining recent tracks “Crowded Roomz” and “Silence Is Loud” continue the thematic album scheme introspective to the topics surrounding love, loneliness, the intense potential power of silence, relationships, family, navigating her 20s and more”.

Watch the visuals for ‘Unfinished Business’ above :

Watch the visuals for ‘Crowded Roomz’ above :