Nines 2nd Mixtape Coming Soon??

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

22 Mar 2013

Cast your mind back to the dawn of 2012, the after riot smoke was starting clear in the UK, whilst MPs had returned from their holidays relived that the riots had deflected attention from the ‘expenses’ scandal. Mainstream media was beaming the Olympic countdown in our faces at every opportunity. The underground circuit was buzzing from a Christmas gift courtesy of Church Road, North West London.

Nines had been creating a buzz but near the end of 2011, when he released 2 Shutdown videos, he went sky. Two very contrasting videos in some respects. Yet both videos highlighted this sense of the importance of giving back to your community and viewing your community as your home. If he shines, then his people have to shine, as oppose to some rappers that try to shine at the expense of their people looking brass. Of course he is not claiming that he is making music to cure all social woes in his area but if Boris Johnson got stripes for picking up a broom after the riots then you have to rate Nines, simple.

His laid back, slow monotone flow differs to that of Giggs as its less course and has that high zoned feel to it. Yet like Giggs his diction is very clear, which makes for easy listening. Punchline Nines tends to have fun with similes and is not afraid to poke the odd joke at himself. Yet as with most artists his ability to connect with people is largely due to his authenticity. Majority of names that he drops tends to be the same faces that he is spudding in the videos. If he is on a Westwood Wood Crib Session, then Church Road is on a Westwood Crib session. His success parallels and entwines with that of the Church Road team.

Tulisa of course showed that her talent spotting ability was independent of X-Factor as she featured him on the Female Boss album.

On the social media circuit “Giving out O’z for fun…I had a disgusting run” [please note I have used O’z in this context to refer to views he was giving away to various video platforms]. His SBTV Warm Up Session gained more views than most artists F64 within the same duration of time. He warned on the Warm Up Session, “Mixtapes got more bangers than a scrapyard” and his mixtape has not left the Mixtape Madness Top 10 since!!! His Fire in the booth was released 2 months ago and it is already sitting on more than half a million views, I guess Charlie Sloth was right when he said “I know your gonna dig this”.

Rumour has it a follow up mixtape will be dropping this year so watch this space!!! With such a wide fanbase and many other talented artists emerging from the area, 2013 is looking a good year for North West London music. Check out Trapstar Toxic, another emerging talent from the area:

Hit up Nines on Twitter: @Nines1Ace

Check out Church Road to Hollywood, if you have not already

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