Enny and Nix Northwest Link Up On ‘You Ain’t Got A Chance Boy’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

2 Mar 2023

Nix Northwest has collaborated with Enny on his new track, ‘You Ain’t Got A Chance Boy’, in anticipation of his debut album ‘Xin’s Disappearance’, due on the 15th of March. Both artists complement each other perfectly on the track, which is a product of a four year friendship birthed through a mutual love of music.

Nix Northwest has started the year off strongly, coming off the releases of ‘Sun In My Eyes’, and ‘Problems’. His new self produced offering features a playful instrumental juxtaposed by hard hitting lyricism and a melodic hook. Enny brings the energy on her verse before going back to back with Nix towards the end of the track. This marks the first collaboration between the two artists since their appearance on The Silhouettes Project in 2020.

Speaking on the track, Nix states:

“I’ve always had a thing for songs that are happy and beautiful sounding on the surface but also carry a darker message underneath once you peel back the layers. I wanted to explore that sometimes elusive and blurred line between good and evil, and the way which different morals and perceptions that people hold can affect that line.”

With an album en route and a great run of singles leading up to it, Nix Northwest looks set to have his best year to date. His ability as a multi-instrumentalist sets himself apart from his peers, and there are no boundaries to where his sound can take him.