Nix Northwest Drops ‘Sun In My Eyes’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

19 Jan 2023

London rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nix Northwest has released his new single ‘Sun In My Eyes’. Taken from Nix’ highly anticipated debut album ‘Xin’s Disappearence’, the track pairs his ethereal vocals with a self-produced 00’s Hip-Hop instrumental reminiscent of early Justin Timberlake and Timberland.

Reflecting the mid-point between dream state and reality, the video – directed by Nix and Asher Kosher – offers an insight into the life of Xin, a fictional alter ego portrayed by Nix across the conceptual album. An anchor within the burgeoning scene, his return reflects a new era of his evolving artistry exploring themes of introspectiveness and self-reflection driven by endless musical twists.

“I feel like I’m a person of extremes – I can be very serious, hardworking and driven but also know how to get silly and loose, and not take myself too seriously. I wanted this tune to try and encapsulate that contrast a little, I think. A lot of my music – and this album in particular – tackles some deep topics, but I wanted to show that I can also have a light-hearted side!”

Nix Northwest’s love for music began from a young age; inspired by his dad, a guitarist, and his mum’s impeccable musical taste, he started his musical pilgrimage with piano lessons. Although he flirted with writing as the years went by, it wasn’t until Nix attended Leeds College of Music that his music career began to take shape. There, he met friends, counterparts and later collaborators such as Lausse The Cat and B-ahwe, who helped push his musical skill and his artistry. He arrived with his debut project, ‘Life’s a
Bitch, I Just Need An Early Night’ in late 2019, driven by his Jazz-laden strand of Hip-Hop saw him gain fans of all genres, a core following that eagerly awaits his every move. More recently, his singles ‘The Occasional L’ and ‘Satan Doesn’t Swim’ garnered support from BBC Radio DJs Giles Peterson, Tom Ravenscroft, Jess Iszatt and Jamz Supernova. Having spent endless hours crafting ‘Xin’s Disappearence’ – which he single-handedly wrote, produced and mixed – Nix is rejuvenated for 2023 and

With his attention firmly locked onto the upcoming album, ‘Sun In My Eyes’ lays the foundations for his growing legacy and marks the start of a remarkable run of music from Nix Northwest.