North London’s CASISDEAD Puts His Heart In Rap For New Cinematic “Boys Will Be Boys” Visuals

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

9 Nov 2021

Bringing the love of music back in to rap, North London musician Casisdead returns with engrossing visuals for latest single “Boys Will Be Boys”.

With a beautifully-layered production, carrying an enthralling 80’s influence – the talented trio Felix Joseph, Hal Ritson and Richard Adlam come together creating a perfectly suited sound to Cas.

The proficient lyricism showcased throughout the track and Cas’ discography as a whole, presents Cas’ respected talent and stand out qualities in his artistry. The detailed, cinematic seven-minute visuals directed by the prominent Ed Skrein, successfully tells a captivating story reflective of the song.

Check out the visuals for Casisdead’s new track “Boys Will Be Boys” above!