North London’s Newcomer Catching Cairo Shares All-New ‘When It’s Over’ EP

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

26 Nov 2021

North London’s hailing songstress Catching Cairo has unveiled her latest EP named, ‘When It’s Over’.

Featuring pre-released singles “Surface” and “When It’s Over”, this 5-track EP is a dream-like capsule that’s enriched with a sultry feeling. Intertwining with Catching Cairo’s silky tone, ‘When It’s Over’ blends reggae, psychedelic soul, and contemporary R&B into one seamless body of work. Navigating the listener with her refined lyricism and 60’s influenced harmonies, the London native has created a form of escape for her listeners to indulge in.

Speaking on the EP Catching Cairo commented, “The EP collectively is my inner thoughts and things I didn’t always get to say to people or even to myself. I’m a confident but shy person and I think so much sometimes and that it really can cripple me from doing anything, music being one of them. Last year in all my feelings I managed to allow the juiciest bits of me to come out honestly, with no time restrictions or expectations. That’s how the EP came together.”

Listen to the EP below.