$NOT Unveils Moving Visuals For ‘Life’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

3 Apr 2021

Deriving from his 2020 album ‘Beautiful Havoc’, Florida rapper $NOT has unveiled moving visuals to accompany the track ‘Life’.

‘Life’ begins with an eerie intro that is intended to ease listeners into the track’s production, as a deep-bass drop follows to kick off the beat along with layered, melodic tones of the song’s hook. $NOT proceeds to elevate himself on this instrumental with an expressive but mellow flow, consisting of lyrical content that taps into the rappers personal life – revealing a side to him built upon vulnerability and emotion, that his audience would have an appreciation for.

The music video, equally telling of the rapper’s artistry, commences with a shot picturing a dark sky illuminated by lightning strikes; whilst $NOT remains cooped up under a hoodie in his home before he presents himself in a bright, spacious natural setting.

Throughout each frame, there’s a huge play on the striking contrast between dark and light; intended to represent the ups and downs of the artist’s internal feelings, which many will realise they may relate to, upon watching the visual play out.

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