Odeal Unveils Brand New Single ‘You, The World vs Me’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

30 Oct 2023

This week, immensely popular singer, songwriter and producer Odeal has unveiled brand new single ‘You, The World vs Me’.

The single comes after Odeal played his sold out show at Outernet, which sold out rapidly at 2000 capacity – showcasing his own blend of mellow R&B, a growing and pioneering force in the UK’s Alte music scene.

When speaking of the single Odeal explains :

“You the world vs me is about being in such a euphoric state at the start of a relationship that when the dust settles it can make either party feel a sense of emptiness, however, irrespective of the turmoil between the two the world is not receptive to their emotions and life goes on”.

Listen to ‘You, Me vs The World’ above :