Offica Keeps Up The Momentum Sharing Pt. 2 Of Highly Anticipated Album ‘Hokage In Lagos’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

17 Nov 2023

Hailing from Ireland but of Nigerian descent, constantly rising rapper Offica, just over a week ago, came through to unveil part one of his debut album ‘Hokage’. Having risen to the top of the UK music scene all whilst putting Ireland on the map, Offica shot heavily into the public eye with the A92 Plugged In Freestyle; sitting on 115 million streams on Spotify and almost 55 million views on YouTube – the freestyle brought great attention to not only Offica but the rest of the Irish drill scene as well.

Today, the Irish prodigy has come through to release part 2 of his highly anticipated album entitled ‘Hokage In Lagos’. Having released part 1 just a few weeks ago to a great reception, the second instalment of the album sees a smaller 4 track instalment reflecting his Nigerian roots, showcasing afrobeat influence from both sides of his heritage

Speaking about the musical duality that the tape represents, Offica says: “Growing up in Ireland my parents always spoke Yoruba to us, so we understand the language and culture, but obviously living in Ireland all my life I’ve adapted to the Irish way of life. I feel like Nigeria is a huge part of me and so is being Irish so I wanted to reflect both sides in my first full project.”

Listen to the new project below :