Olivia Swann returns with infectious new single “No Thanks”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

24 May 2021

Rising R&B artist Olivia Swann returns coming through with a brand new inviting single “No Thanks”.

Implementing her R&B signature style into her music, Olivia continues her run from debut release “Salty” fusing elements of rap with sweet sounding vocals. A lively track, full of personality Olivia’s distinctive sound shines through her witty, admirable delivery.

Contrasting her positive charisma with a meaningful message surrounding the concept of those who “can’t take no for an answer”, highlights current issues in society. Olivia’s execution is on point with this release as she continues to progress into the scene.

Olivia says: “This is definitely an anthem for all of us, to tell the world that WE are in control!”

Check out Olivia Swann – “No Thanks” below!