oogie Drops Off Brand New EP, ‘phew’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

12 Mar 2024

An exciting emerging talent within the UK scene, oogie recently released his new EP, ‘phew’. The ten track project sees features from the likes of BINA., Denzel Himself, and Reckz’Capo.

oogie has been making his mark in the alternative UK Rap space since 2020. This project showcases his unique style, while his multi-faceted visions have been brought to life in recent music videos, ‘Kanye Me’, and ‘two couches’.

Speaking on the release, oogie stated:

“phew plays on my personality being a little all over the place at the moment, I can be three different people in one day, but no matter how weird my life gets I still end up coming up with ideas and recording, whether in a cupboard somewhere in my boy ty’s house, or in a random studio up in god knows where, it’s my only constant. It’s a “phew, thank Jesus I’ve got this as a form of expression. I’m just happy then I get to share music with people I know are probably also in a struggle, and tryna find some way to come up”.