Oscar #Worldpeace Drops ‘Mum, Pray For Your Son’ Mixtape

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

22 Apr 2024

London rapper, producer, and composer Oscar #Worldpeace has delivered his latest mixtape, ‘Mum, Pray For Your Son’. Across ten tracks, the artist demonstrates why he has been a major figure in the emergence of Alternative UK Rap as a stand out genre over the last few years.

Oscar taps into a variety of themes including faith and fatherhood on the project, as well as experimenting in different genres. Even with this experimentation the tape feels cohesive and well thought out, with guest appearances from the likes of Bawo, Qendresa, and Planet Giza.

Within the project the artist attempts to create a narrative of his journey through life and music so far, adding:

“That’s the premise of Mum, Pray For Your Son, it’s a very personal record but I also have fun on there. I was able to do everything I wasn’t able to do on my other projects, and do it all on one album.”