Oscar #Worldpeace Taps Qendresa For ‘Heaven’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

12 Mar 2024

Multi-faceted artist Oscar #Worldpeace has called upon vocalist Qendressa for his single, ‘Heaven’. The track has been accompanied by a lo-fi music video shot by Verity May Lane.

Oscar #Worldpeace has been a key figure in the Alternative Rap space for some time now, working with the likes of Knucks and BXKS amongst others. This release has also come alongside the announcement of his upcoming album, ‘Mum, Pray For Your Son’, which is scheduled to drop April 19th.

Speaking on his imminent project, #Worldpeace stated:

“That’s the premise of Mum, Pray For Your Son, it’s a very personal record but I also have fun on there. I was able to do everything I wasn’t able to do on my other projects, and do it all on one album.”