Overmono Team Up With Boiler Room For Recorded Version Of Award Winning AV Live Show

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

23 Nov 2023

Rapidly establishing their name as leading pioneers within the electronic music scene, Overmono are without a doubt one of the most undeniable talents that the International music scene has to offer right now. Renowned for their exploration of a bass driven, experimental electronic sound that incorporates elements of rap, garage and jungle, the mass appeals have turned to the UK based duo as a means of escapism from the musical normalities of stereotypical rave material, with a discography expansive enough to cater for different preferences, moods and taste.

This week. the duo have teamed up with Boiler Room to release a rare stream of their award-winning AV live show. Recorded at their takeover of The Warehouse Project in Manchester, the 10,000 capacity event sold out in a matter of minutes, and from the social posts seen in the aftermath of the event – this was one of the best events of the year undoubtedly.

Watch the visuals for Overmono’s Boiler Room above :