Why Are P. Money and Dot Rotten Beefing?

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

27 Jul 2017

If you haven’t been under a rock in recent times you would have heard two titans of grime are going at it. Yes again! This time it’s P. money and Dot Rotten. For those of you not to familiar with the with the background of this beef. I’ll fill you in. In 2009 a leading member of the OGz crew- N.E.(Nu Era) who was a close associate of P. Money and once mentor to a young Dot Rotten tragically passed away of a heart attack.

The OGz crew felt Dot rotten had not shown enough respect to N.E. with rumours at the time circulating that Dot Rotten had not attended the funeral. This beef spilt over into the streets with members of the OGz crew Blacks and Ruger reportedly getting into a physical altercation with Dot rotten in Nandos.

Dot appearance of Sir Spyro’s rinse FM show, where he let of bars which P.Money took personally has reignited the beef and since then they have just been going dub for dub. Listen to all the tracks in order below.