Papa Mili and Fems follow up their ‘Wavey Sessions’ series with soulful track “Beat The Struggle”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

21 May 2021

Following their first release “Blessings“, Papa Mili and Fems return continuing their ‘Wavey Sessions’ series with new track “Beat The Struggle”.

Delivering a soulful feeling through the track, Papa Mili and fems effortlessly fuse smooth melodies with elements of rap. The two rising artists complement each other well with slick, soothing wordplay throughout their lyrics. Giving off a relaxed, laid-back sound “Beat The Struggle” is undeniably an enjoyable listen. Enforcing a message to build overcome obstacles, the track itself considerably holds substance.

Papa Mili and Fems incorporate a unique formula through their releases, allowing them to stand out in the current music scene!

Tap in to the visuals for Papa Mili x Fems – “Beat The Struggle” above!