Piers James Unveils R&B Cut ‘If This Ain’t Real’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

15 Aug 2023

Piers James has followed on from his release of ‘BOOP’ earlier this year with his latest single, ‘If This Ain’t Real’, accompanied by a music video shot by the artist himself. A versatile talent that combines the worlds of UK Rap and R&B, James’ latest offering is perfect for the back end of the summer.

James has enjoyed a breakthrough over the last 12 months, appearing on the FIFA 23 soundtrack whilst also being recognised as an emerging talent within the UK scene. His impressive vocal ability coupled with his penchant for emotive lyrcism sets himself apart from his peers, while ‘If This Ain’t Real’ showcases a versatility from the artist.

Speaking on the track, James states:

 “The song is about the beginning of a relationship, in that honeymoon phase, asking the question: ‘Is this real?’ – quite like the start of summer. Going through the euphoric feeling, but is this relationship going to be the Disney fairytale that we dreamed of or an all-out war at the end? To be your most authentic self, you must let go of the material façade and ego and focus on how you feel in the moment. Too many people try to shy away from their own reality and end up avoiding accountability. In any relationship – whether that be a friendship or partner – it’s important to be honest and learn to be vulnerable and open to all possibilities, which I tried to depict in the video.”