Poshbwoy and Grim Sickers presents summer vibes with “Uptown”

Natalie Patrick

By Natalie Patrick

Natalie Patrick

25 Aug 2023

North London’s Poshbwoy and Bristol’s Grim Sickers team up to drop their scorching new release, “Uptown.” The dynamic duo has harnessed their undeniable chemistry to create a musical masterpiece poised to dominate the summer airwaves.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Dave & Fredo, Poshbwoy and Grim Sickers have woven an enchanting melody set to be the season’s anthem. With its infectious chorus and captivating verses, “Uptown” seamlessly merges Poshbwoy’s melodic prowess with Grim Sickers’ distinctive flow, resulting in an irresistible synergy that sets the track apart from the crowd.

Recorded at the iconic Ikon Studios and expertly mixed and mastered by DJ Ironik, “Uptown” boasts a production quality that’s second to none. Luciano Pinto, Music Manager at Candela/Atlantic Records, can barely contain his excitement, stating, “Poshbwoy and Grim Sickers are a force to be reckoned with. Their upcoming track ‘Uptown’ is a breath of fresh air, capturing the essence of summer and delivering it with an irresistible energy that will leave fans craving for more.”

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Frostbite Films has worked magic to craft a visually stunning music video that perfectly complements the track’s vibrant energy. Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing visual journey that takes the “Uptown” experience to a new level.

“Uptown” is a pulsating fusion of talent, innovation, and pure sonic delight. Poshbwoy and Grim Sickers have genuinely outdone themselves, delivering a track bound to make waves within the music industry and your heart.

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