Potter Payper celebrates TD3 pop-up style

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

20 Sep 2020

Potter Payper is undoubtedly one of the realest rap talents the U.K. has ever produced. With an incredible streak of activity since leaving prison, the rapper stirred up the scene with the release of his highly-anticipated trilogy project, Training Day 3. To celebrate, the East London emcee hosted a pop-up for fans and peers which welcomed individuals of all ages and from various parts of the UK.

The weekend event saw supporters travelling down to simply get their hard-copy disks signed personally by Potter Payper. Spirits were high as the man of the hour maneuvered through guests, thanking them for their attendance as his new material blared through speakers.

In true ‘meet n greet’ style, budding fans snapped pictures with their favourite rapper and took the opportunity to write and post tailored letters to popular – and currently incarcerated – rapper, Muni Mover, courtesy of Sanctuary LDN’s creative direction.

First, let me apologise for my absence. When you’re rapping what you’re living, it’s what happens. – Sorry, Potter Payper (2020)

Training Day 3’s intro track starts off with an apology to fans for a three year absence. Rest assured, this was not the point of focus this weekend. Instead, all in attendance saluted his tireless work ethic demonstrated from, as Potter described, ‘cells to stage’.

Find the Training Day trilogy (TD3) available on all platforms.