Poundz Talks Opp Thot Remix, Disturbing London, Headie One And More!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

24 Oct 2019

Known for his cold use of wordplay and having recently signed too Disturbing London, Poundz is preparing for the release of his EP set to land early next year. Having gifted us with various hit singles, the South London artist has undeniably been making bold moves and solidifying his place in the music game. With his creative visions and endless dances that have been taking over Instagram he has also been building a killer collection of tracks including Whose Laughing, Mourinho and Skengbop.

Fresh off the release of hit Opp Thot, I caught up with Poundz to talk all things music. 

E: What motivated you to start music? Any particular MC’s that inspired you?

P: I started making music because I pretended that I was the best rapper in my school, which then resulted in me having to show up in the playground on a Friday spitting bars against the best rappers. That very same night I went home and started to write bars. I then realised that I was actually good at this although I had never written bars before. When Friday came I was actually rated as the best, which shocked me because if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be rapping today. At one point as a listener, Stormzy inspired me in music as I saw him make nothing into something.

E: Which release for you was the song that popped off and changed everything?

P: Skengman Poundz was the song that got me established within my community, that song made me who I am today. I was only expecting 20-30 thousand views but ended up achieving 250 thousand views.

E: You’ve recently released Opp Thot which has blown already! What was the process behind that?

P: I made the song Opp Thot in my room around 2 am in the morning about 7 months ago. I instantly knew it was a banger and thought that it would take my music career to another level. The dance came along as I was super gassed just flexing to the lyrics out of excitement. The process behind Opp Thot was to make sure that the energy in the video matched the song so that it could give off an exciting vibe as well as showing the audience that music is about being yourself and having fun. 

E: Did you expect it to blow as quick as it has? Over a million views 3 days!

P: I always knew it was gonna blow because my style, energy and flow came very different and fresh on this tune but I never anticipated how fast it would hit a million views, I just knew it was going to achieve that within the first 7 days.

E: Is there going to be an Opp Thot remix? Any hints as to who we could expect on it?

P: I would like to do an Opp Thot remix as i believe it would be very exciting to see what other artists can do over the instrumental. Also there is a high demand from the supporters requesting an Opp Thot remix. As of now no one is confirmed and we are keeping our options open to ensure that the fans get another banger.

E: You’ve recently signed too Disturbing London! Working with the likes of Tinie is a huge leap career wise. How did that deal come about?

P: DL reached out to me after my previous tunes Skengbop and Mourinho made allot of noise in the music scene. You could literally see and hear these tracks all over social media platforms like snapchat and instagram. They have been watching me for a while and saw my growth which led then to contacting me and making big plans for the future.

E: Who would you want to collab with in the U.K. and overseas?

P: In the UK I would want to collab with Jorja Smith & Ella Mai as I haven’t got features with any female artist’s and I think they make wavey music. Outside the UK I would say Koffee because she has a fresh unique Caribbean sound that will go well with my Patios flow. Also Lil Baby and J.I because I think they’re very creative when it comes to making songs.

E: What drill artists have you been listening to recently?

P: I’ve found myself listening to Headie One lately as his music is relatable and I like the samples he’s been using in his instrumentals to bring out a different vibe through his tunes.

E: What was the best advice you’ve ever received? And who was it from?

P: The best advice I received was from both my team members SP & Raz who basically just told me they believed in me and that i’m more than just an artist. They told me to never give up and that i could be amongst the greats within the next 5 years. They always saw a vision that no one else could picture so I kept working hard even when the views and recognition wasn’t where I needed to them be.

E: Safe to say your work rate has been mad this year so far! Can we expect a project coming soon or? Whats next for Poundz?

P: Yes. My work rate has been good this year as I believe great music and consistency is key in order to achieve greatness in the music industry. You can expect an E.P from me early next year and I have intentions to release my next banger around the Christmas period so keep your eyes peeled.