Prince of Falls Graces Us With His Drifty Track, ‘Southside Bleeds’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

15 Aug 2021

Sharing the first single derived from his upcoming project, and making a hot entrance with this teaser, Nigerian artist – hailing from North Greenwich – Prince of Falls is gracing us with drifty audio for Southside Bleeds.

As demonstrated in Southside Bleeds, Prince of Falls is re-shaping sonic possibilities with the sounds meshed into the production of this track as it creatively draws in Alternative based elements, and combines them with the deep-base embedded into the beat tempo, whilst simultaneously harnessing unconventional RNB qualities that make this work more fluid. Merged with the Artist’s limitless vocal ability, Southside Bleeds proves to be a solid, and artistic cut.

Speaking on the composition of the song, the Prince states “The track is an ode to South London and represents my journey of growing up, maturing and navigating through it and all the trials and tribulations that come with that. There is a darker side to South London that a lot of people hear about, but don’t necessarily experience first hand – this song encapsulates this.”

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