Pritt Releases New Single ‘Kaalam’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

16 May 2023

South London based Sri Lankan singer-songwriter Pritt has returned with her latest offering, ‘Kaalam’. The artist has gained a huge following independent from a record label as her vocal performances and singing style help her connect with her heritage.

Pritt uses the South Asian style of Carnatic singing in her music, as she empowers her roots and brings the classical style to a new audience. Her vocal range is impressive and her musical ability is unique, making her an artist who has carved out her own niche and is thriving in it.

Currently working with BBC Asian Network to showcase Tamil and South Asian talent through playlist curation, Pritt has already managed to amass over 40 million streams as an independent artist in a relatively short time period. With a unique sound and an ambition to showcase music from her heritage, Pritt is certainly an artist to watch out for as we move through the rest of the year.