Ray BLK unveils impactful new single “Dark Skinned”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

12 May 2021

Acclaimed by multiple prodigious sources including Complex, NME and The Times, Ray BLK – an influential voice holding weight in music unveils new single “Dark Skinned”. Addressing important race conversations, talking on the hardships of being dark skinned in the music industry, Ray BLK presents this track as a form of positivity and encouragement.

Ray BLK says: “This song to me is a celebration of being Dark Skinned. ivermectin price usa The conversation around race often feels heavy and negative, but I love my blackness and it is a privilege to be black. A lot of people told me it would be hard to break into this industry because of the colour of my skin, but I believe that whatever the situation, I am going to shine regardless and I refuse to cater to that ideology”.

Spending lockdown writing and preparing her long awaited debut album, Ray BLK promises it to be one of the cultural highlights of the year. ivermectin kaufen deutschland apotheke Making an impact in and around music, Ray BLK undeniably sets a foundation for other dark-skinned individuals in the industry who find themselves in similar experiences. ivermectin harga shopee

Check out Ray BLK’s live VEVO performance here and the single below!