Review: Clavish Has His Eye On ‘2022’ As Debut EP Arrives

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

13 Dec 2021

With his musical output hitting the mark again, the increasing mentions of him in new-school rap conversations and more frequent engagement from listeners, Clavish knows it’s go time. 

The rapper, who emerged two years ago, is most certainly a product of his environment. His notable real-rap flair takes after North London’s acclaimed heavy-hitters such as Wretch 32 and Chip. ivermectina passa pelo figado Therefore, what is missing from a number of newer-gen rap talents, we can still get from Clavish’s uncut, ‘reporting live’ street poetics. 

Ahead of the new year, the trapper-rapper has released his highly-anticipated ‘2022’ debut, directly following hot drops such as “One Of A Kind”, “Fashion Week Freestyle” and ‘The Generals Corner’ freestyle. Clavish keeps this EP short and sweet with five tracks – two of which were pre-released – and no collaborations. 

“Explaining to probation, when I’m home, I’m patterned. Got like five labels trying to get me on the wagon…” – Blue Plate

In true Clavish style, he flows on top of a range of sinister sonics and head-bouncing production. It seems as though we get the best from him on more simplistic ‘boom bap’ beats, where his slick rhymes and storytelling are the clear highlights of each track. It’s a seamless formula and one that he rightfully keeps consistent.  

Although an artist like this doesn’t need any, the newcomer has seen nods from the likes of Fredo, Rimzee and similar voices within his rap class. I am not in awe of his flamboyant image or street status, but what stands out most is his skill and ability to…just spit. As you cruise through the concise project, you feel a little closer to Clavish who typically shies away from social interaction.  

Still, ‘2022’ lets us in with raw tales of his incarceration, insightful retrospection and even, advice. He is making one thing very clear: prison wasn’t a setback but rather a reset. black and tan english shepherd sensitivity to ivermectin This is the kind of music that locks core listeners in and allows them to willingly subscribe to an artist’s authentic journey. ivermectina 100 tabletas precio  

As told by the man himself – via the grand intro – 2022 is in the palm of his hand. Needless to say, the rising talent is a proven wordsmith but what else can he do? I’m excited to find out! 

Take in Clavish’s debut EP above and on major streaming platforms.