Review: Dan Onkar Delivers Divine Sonics In His ‘Irene’ EP

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

6 Sep 2021

Summer’s over and the best way to close off this season is with a high-frequency, Afro-Fused project made up of divine sonics, delivered by the North-London Nigerian, multi-faceted starlet Dan Onkar in his Irene EP.

Opening with the ethereal sounding Scandalous, Onkar demonstrates range in his angelic vocals that perfectly bond to an optimistic, spacious production. This is succeeded by Money Don’t Speak, a light-hearted cut that sees the vocalist unite with Benjiflow to create a futuristic, laid-back work with alternative elements fused into the irregular, Afro-Beat tempo. Hold Me Down takes on a more sensual approach; with the romantic lyrical content delivered by Dan flowing seamlessly, and revealing his R&B roots that are pulled into the grooves of the rhythm. Closing off with Hand Up, the harmonious nature is accompanied by an alternating sound which gifts listeners with a very soothing, affectionate sonic.

Across Irene the Sax-rich sounds – delivered by Femi Sax – are likely to capture audience attention; along with Femi, the singer has teamed up with Nosa Apollo and James Isibor to collaborate on the gorgeous tones heard on the EP. Giving some words on Irene’s creation, Dan Onkar states, “Irene is inspired by a woman’s beauty. I wanted to create a project that reflected happy love and celebration, from the lyrics to the production I want the music to make you feel a groove by yourself, with your friends or your loved ones. using ivermectin in tresaderm for ear mites in dogs

Last year the artist unveiled A Night Like This that followed on from his other project releases, Lost||Outside and Unstable. Making his return with Irene adds another notable body of work to join his catalogue, and is setting high hopes for what he will continue delivering to our scene.

Listen To The EP Above! | Dan Onkar – Irene Available to Stream on All Platforms!