Review: Dankie Sounds gives 2023 an energetic send off

Lauren Gordon

By Lauren Gordon

Lauren Gordon

19 Dec 2023

What better way to close 2023 than with a party.

Dankie Sounds has brought amapiano, afrobeats and afrohouse to London nightlife since 2021 with their unique musical experience.

Their recent event, Ladies Love Dankie: Galactic Wanderland, took over Wembley Boxpark this weekend, packing out the huge venue with energetic music lovers, party-goers and those hoping to end the year in style and Dankie Sounds didn’t disappoint.

Shining a light on international female DJs from across the globe, Dankie’s sound system was enriched by sets from Nicky Summers, Via Seri, L.A.J Experience, Sierra Plays, Ugandan Babe, Tee Dee and DJ Ruv, all specialising in getting the ladies moving for this special event.

As the crowd grew in confidence, live instruments and musicians were brought onto the stage to amplify the groovy beats from the set list.

The show’s hosts kept the energy up until the last minute, with charmer Bernita-ZsaZsa and her crew House of Piano gracing the audience with infectious dances and effortless talent, hyped up by none other than Terminal 4.

Dankie Sounds’ goal to be the number 1 hybrid event is fast approaching. Their carefully selected DJs who introduce you to brand new hits while generously playing the genres’ classics, along with the hosts and dancers to the instrumentalists and musicians, make the entire experience deeply immersive, pulling you into the ever-growing amapiano scene while delivering an epic night out.

As they roll into their third year in business, I don’t doubt Dankie Sounds will continue to bring a much-needed stir to UK nightlife and beyond.

Keep an eye out for the next event and more updates from Dankie Sounds here.