REVIEW: East London’s Adz Boogie Unveils ‘Boogie For A Reason’ Mixtape

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

3 Sep 2021

Delivering the popular sound of drill in a scene so heavily saturated, Adz Boogie implements innovative creative concepts throughout his raps allowing him to stand out and thrive. Presenting his exciting 10 track drop on new mixtape “Boogie For A Reason”, Adz offers his captivating musical abilities with a chance to showcase what he is capable of.

Kicking off the tape with “Belly (Intro)”, Adz Boogie lets off a hard-hitting, menacing flow on a head-bopping Madenka produced beat. Gripping audiences in instantly, Adz keeps up the drill delivery fused with powerful punchlines and compelling wordplay on tracks like “TwentyB”, “Behave Yourself” and highly admired hit track “No Favours“.

With four features on the project, Adz undeniably allows audiences the opportunity to see his ability to deliver alone and to work with others. A very talented rising artist, the potential to come in further months is evident through the music released so far. Mr.Hustle, Realz, Big Swingz and renowned rap MC Scorcher, join Adz on the tape adding their special touch, with refreshing flows and distinctive deliveries. The switch up of solo tracks to features adds a highly anticipating emotion as soon as the track list is glanced at.

“In My Bag” and “Crazy” are examples of Adz’s attempt of showing his versatility as a constantly growing artist. With a melodic execution on “In My Bag”, Adz surprises listeners with this track, as it clearly opposes to many other tracks on the tape, whilst still including elements of drill. “Crazy” relays to Adz’s evident ability to rap on a slightly alternate production, with wordplay surrounding females, where Adz delivers to a whole new audience.

Overall, ‘Boogie For A Reason’ shows Adz’s ability in music and willingness to experiment and branch out, developing his sound. The 10 track mixtape undeniably shows what Adz is capable of yet still shows that he has space to grow.

Favourite tracks: “Ain’t No Telling” and “Regardless”

Tap in to ‘Boogie For A Reason’ out now on all platforms.